Triumph Malvern Jacka


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• Constructed from 3-layer GORE-TEX® Pro fabric strengthened with ARMACOR™ product technology for exceptional waterproofing & breathability

• GORE-TEX® garments have a water resistant treatment called DWR applied to the outer fabric  which allows the water to bead up and roll of the fabric rather than soaking in

• Removable softshell liner can be worn separately when off the bike

• Removable storm collar

• Storm cuff at sleeves

• Air vents directing flow through main body


• Sleeve adjustment for a controlled and personal fit, whilst helping to maintain the correct position of the protectors.

• Waist adjustment

• Wrist adjustment

• Connection zipper to match to any Triumph jeans


• GORE-TEX® Misano fabric

• GORE-TEX® Geko 3L stretch fabric on inner sleeve for comfort & flexibility of movement

• ARMACOR™ product technology on shoulder panels


• CE certified to EN 1621-1 2012 removable D3o protectors, Shoulder and Elbows

• CE Certified to EN 1621-2 2014 removable D3o BP3 back protector


• Reflective detailing for increased rider visibility

• 1 Flap and zip closure pocket on upper left chest

• 1 water repellent zipper pocket on upper right chest

• 1 water repellent zipper pocket on upper left sleeve

• 1 water repellent zipper pocket on lower back

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