Sw-Motech TRAX ADV aluminium case system

BK.45/45 l. Honda NC750X / NC750S (16-).

Varunummer: KFT.01.699.70101/B
11 000 SEK
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TRAX ADV Aluminum case system

TEST WINNER in the magazine MOTORRAD issue 05/2020. Test result: VERY GOOD

Durable TRAX ADV aluminum cases feel at home on any stretch of road: embossed patterns add stability to the 1.5 millimeter-thick, welded aluminum wall material. A completely removable lid with carrying handles made of anodized aluminum and quick release fastener makes loading and unloading of motorcycle luggage easier; the beveled side edge provides high ground clearance when cornering. With this complete solution, you have all the components you need to travel with TRAX: two waterproof TRAX ADV side cases, two detachable SW-MOTECH side carriers, adapter kit, lock set, lid limiter and anti-theft protection at an attractive price.

The bike-specific carrier and the size of the cases are perfectly matched to the rear shape and exhaust system of the motorcycle. A motorcycle case without compromise: the development of the TRAX ADV focused on stability and impermeability against dust and water as well as simple handling. Whether on an off-road adventure, road trip or short haul, the premium aluminum case with a wall thickness of 1.5 millimeters will come out on top in any challenge.

  • PRO Side carrier

  • Adapter kit for PRO side carrier

  • TRAX ADV L Aluminium case

  • TRAX ADV L Aluminium case

  • TRAX lock set

  • Anti-theft protection for PRO side carriers

  • Multi-tool key chain attachment

Included in delivery

  • 1 x TRAX ADV L Aluminium case, 45.00 l, left, black
  • 1 x TRAX ADV L Aluminium case, 45.00 l, right, black
  • 2 x PRO Side carrier
  • 2 x Adapter kit for PRO side carrier
  • 2 x TRAX lock set
  • 2 x Anti-theft protection for PRO side carriers
  • 1 x Multi-tool key chain attachment
  • 4 x Lidlimiter
  • 2 x Storagebag
  • Mounting instructions
  • Mounting material


  • Color: black
  • Total Weight: 10,8 kg / 23.8 lb
  • Total Volume: 90,0 l
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