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Cardo Packtalk Black

Special Edition - 45 mm JBL Høyttalere

Varunummer: 294-1070
3 775 SEKKampanjepris
4 290 SEKOrdinær pris
3 i lager

Forskjellen fra vanlig Packtalk bold er større JBL høyttalere (45mm vs 40mm) og 3 års garanti vs 2 års garanti.

Massive sound with 45mm JBL speakers
Powerful 45mm speakers engineered to perfection
by JBL experts with specially tuned music processor
and three distinctive audio profiles, will make your
riding experience exceptional

Powered by DMC® (Dynamic Mesh Communication)
Set your intercom group once and forget about
it. Our Dynamic Mesh technology will make sure
you?re always connected

Natural Voice Operation
Our all-new, always-on, natural voice operation rids
you from the need to ever press a button again. Just
tell it what you want, it will do the rest

Universal Connectivity
With both DMC & Bluetooth technologies on board,
PACKTALK BLACK will always allow you to connect to
any other Bluetooth headset of any brand

And not just water - dust, mud, and snow as well!

Every Feature Imaginable
1-15 Riders, Universal Bluetooth connectivity. FM
radio, full phone connectivity. Charge while riding,
Automatic Volume Control, mobile conferencing,
music & radio sharing, GPS, music streaming,
natural voice operation, dual core technologies
(DMC/Bluetooth), connectivity with two Bluetooth
mobile devices, hybrid & corded mic, Parallel audio
streaming, Cardo Connect App (iOS/Android), we
left nothing out


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Produsent Cardo

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